Affray is a very serious criminal offence that can carry a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment. Affray can apply to a very broad range of circumstances, and as such the penalties that the court impose vary just as much. The legislation regarding the offence of affray can be difficult for a lay person to comprehend. An experienced solicitor can help you understand how serious your set of facts are and any possible defences that may apply to you.

Self Defence

Common Assault. Damien Conn. Criminal Law Solicitor Gosford.

Just a short video explaining the offence of common assault.


Drink Driving. Damien Conn. Solicitor Gosford.

Drink driving can have a serious impact upon a person’s career and their ability to hold a license. Some offences are more serious than others. I have appeared both as the prosecution and defence in many Drink Driving Cases. Gosford Court will hear many such cases on any given list day. Their are steps that your solicitor can advise you about that may assist in minimising fines and disqualification periods. Depending upon the seriousness of the offence full time custody is a possibility. If you get legal advice before hand your solicitor can also advise you about these dangers.

I am based in Gosford and work in the criminal jurisdiction regularly. Give me a call to discuss your Drink Driving matter so that I can help guide you through the process of court.

Express Advocate Article by Damien Conn Solicitor Gosford.

Hello everyone,

I have a full page article in the express advocate today that tells my prospective clients a little bit about myself and why I started this business. Basically I wanted to work for the community that I grew up in. Gosford is my home town and helping people who may have come into contact with the criminal justice system is something that I know how to do well. Having worked as a police officer and police prosecutor at Gosford for many years I have gotten to know how the courts in the area and how they are run. I use my experience and knowledge to get the best possible outcomes for my clients. Anyway, it is all explained in the article and other information on this website.

Damien Conn

Solicitor and Barrister.

Representing Yourself at Court. Damien Conn. Criminal Law Solicitor Gosford.

Damien Conn Gosford Solicitor

My name is Damien Conn, I am a solicitor and barrister based in Gosford. I work in all of the Courts on the Central Coast and can also appear in regional and Sydney Courts. I am formerly a police prosecutor and worked for 13 years in the NSW Police Force. Since becoming a solicitor it was always my goal to work in my local community at Gosford and to service the courts in the surrounding areas.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping to resolve your legal problem.